MAKE UP FOR WHAT?by elena liao


In my experience, I have always found make up to be a "take it or leave it" tool. As a young girl, it was fascinating and taboo. As a young teenager, it was exciting and mature. Now, it is my mundane morning routine. While it is easier to think about makeup in these isolated terms, makeup actually connects three large parts of social life: consumerism, beauty standards, and personal body image. Many people choose to wear makeup to feel better about their appearance, and just as many choose not to wear it at all! Some think makeup is a medium for artistic self-expression while others may just think it's a messy nuisance. Advertisements tell their consumers to buy their products for a number of reasons, as well as gear their products toward (generally) female demographics as young as 10 years old. In my documentary, I juxtapose Maybelline's commercials with the real thoughts of multiple makeup consumers, asking them all, "what do you use makeup for?"